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Discover a world of general contractor services to meet your construction needs

Residential, commercial, or industrial construction, trust E.W. Newton & Son Inc. to take care of all the jobs around your site. We're your reliable general contractors serving the Berkshire County area since 1947.

You'll need the area excavated and cleared of any junk material. Get in touch with us at 413-443-5078 to handle all your excavation needs.

We're a family-owned company that has been paving rollerblading courts, parking lots, and more for years! Plan and execute your paving work perfectly.

Don't let your dirty drains and pipes clog up the septic system. Our superior, guaranteed work will take care of any cleaning needs you have for your septic system.

Have you checked out your sewer and plumbing system recently? Ask us to do it for you! We're fully licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind.

Building a new property?

Efficient paving services

Guaranteed sewer work

Guess what else we do

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